gonna be blogging about pagan and occult and magicky stuff and all that

not much at the moment but ill have more soon

still figuring out exactly what im interested in but i like chaos magic, tarot cards, shamanism, talismans, astral projection, tulpamancy, and lots more

id currently describe myself as pantheist and animist

daily-ish updates:

2020-03-10: been thinking about philosophy a lot. watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6RnMHRtos4 and the following few videos and i really like it, the idea that philosophy is more of an act of creation than discovery, and i think his description of "machines" is pretty animist
reality is chaotic, and we're forging our own paths through it, i remember hearing something like "our ideas are our maps of reality, and while they are extremely useful, different maps are useful for different things, and we shouldn't mistake the map for the landscape"
also, been reading a bit of shamanist stuff. gonna try and do some altered states of consciousness / trance if i can tonight maybe?
also had a REALLY interesting waking dream(? idk what to call it) last night while meditating to some drumming sounds, i saw three figures there, and a big fire in the middle, that i was meant to step into to be reincarnated, or as some sort of coming of age?

2020-03-06: okay im just gonna write a bit about my views on things since i have been doing more thinking than practice lately
i definitely feel some divine presence. i know it takes an infinite number of forms, from very abstract to concrete, immanent to transcendent. there's a whole other divine world out there, it's not superior to our world, it's just different, and the divine is more experienced than we are, so it's okay to ask them for advice, and probably a good idea too
i also really like the theme in andy weir's short story "the egg", the idea that everyone is one soul (like the advaita vedanta), and that we're divine like god, but still developing
and i REALLY like the combination of this with animism
everything has a soul and its all the same soul

2020-02-26: ugh, been inactive. have to get back into the habit of doing things regularly. had some pretty religious experiences, will write about later

2020-02-08: some more meditation, im getting pretty good at it. met up with some friends, which tarot cards kinda predicted in a weird way? (i drew a 3 of cups as my card of the day) it was interesting

2020-02-07: making this site. i might as well talk about the stuff ive done in the past, so here: experimenting with sigils and a bit of practice casting circles. thats basically it unfortunately. im asking people for advice on what to try, got some stuff i could look at, ill try and look at that tonight if i have the time

also, had some good meditation that night. im getting better at it